"We focus on providing our patients with the absolute best surgical outcomes with the shortest recovery times."
- Dr. Stephen G. Pereira, MD, FACS
Our uniquely-specialized surgeons will compassionately determine your optimal treatment strategy solely based on what's best for you.
One Surgical Specialists
They're putting patients like me first longer than anyone in New Jersey!
Consistently voted "Top Docs" by NJ Monthly Magazine.
The region's "Top Docs" at One surgical Specialist utilize state-of-the-art technology that will help you get your life back fast, with minimal pain and scarring.
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One Surgical has been performing robotic surgery
longer than any other practice in the state

At One Surgical Specialists, our patients always come first.
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Utilizing the most advanced equipment available today, we treat a wide range of conditions such as: colon and rectal cancer, gallbladder diseases, hernias, stomach disease, pancreatic disease and more