Patient Testimonial: Jessica Reino

Jessica Reino, a recent transplant to California by way of New Jersey, had been diagnosed with gallbladder disease by her gastroenterologist after several months of experiencing pain on the right side of her abdomen, and the decision was made to undergo surgery, specifically, a cholecystectomy, which is gallbladder removal surgery. However, as a registered nurse […]

Fda Clearance Granted for Fluorescence Imaging in Gallbladder Surgery

Intuitive Surgical has announced that its da Vinci® Fluorescence Imaging Vision System (Firefly™) can now be used for gallbladder surgery. This system utilizes a glowing dye and special video camera to view blood flowing through vessels and in tissue. “As a surgeon, real time and precise images during surgery are enormously helpful in achieving good […]

Dr. Pereira Voted “Top Doc” by New Jersey Monthly Magazine 2013

For the fourth year in a row, Dr. Stephen G. Pereira has been voted “Top Doc” by New Jersey Monthly magazine. Dr. Stephen Pereira specializes in all advanced minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures for the treatment of a wide array of conditions affecting abdominal organs. He is chief of gastrointestinal surgery at Hackensack University Medical Center […]

Dr. Stephen Pereira Is First in NJ & NY Metropolitan Area to Perform Groundbreaking Robotic Surgery

Hackensack – Dr. Stephen Pereira is the first surgeon in New Jersey and the New York metropolitan area to perform a robotic-assisted cholecystectomy, gallbladder removal surgery, using a single incision through the belly button. This groundbreaking surgery combines medical expertise, advanced technology, and state-of-the-art hospital and surgical facilities. Over a million gallbladders are removed annually in […]

Dr. Stephen Pereira Voted “top Doc” by New Jersey Monthly Magazine

Board-certified surgeon Dr. Stephen Pereira is chief of gastrointestinal surgery at Hackensack University Medical Center, where he specializes in abdominal, gastrointestinal and hernia surgery. He is also on staff at the hospital’s John T Beurer Cancer Center, applying laparoscopic techniques to gastrointestinal tract cancers. Dr. Pereira was one of the first New Jersey doctors to […]