“I searched online about the different types of surgeries to remove a gallbladder, then I read about the procedure involving a single incision.”
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– Alexis

“I did not want to have multiple scars on my abdomen and I needed a quick and minimally painful recovery time, so robotic surgery was the option I pursued.”
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– Jessica

“All can say is it’s for real, and I believe in it 100%, and I would tell anybody it’s the reason I’m here. If this could help anybody else, that’s all I care about, truthfully.”
– Dennis

“Being young, it was important to me that you don’t see the scars at all. I swim a lot, and I didn’t want a long scar. You don’t want everybody to keep staring at you. The da Vinci Surgery leaves just a few tiny scars that are only noticeable from the side.”
– Sandy

“To me, it’s a no-brainer. The recovery between robotic surgery and abdominal surgery—there’s no comparison. For someone with a busy lifestyle, I don’t know why someone would chose the total abdominal surgery over the less invasive procedure.”
– Maryanne

“When I woke up from the procedure, my pain level was minimal; just a little discomfort. I was surprised. I was quite surprised that I felt as good as I did. The quality of life with this procedure was fabulous.”
– Pete