Minimally invasive surgery refers to a surgical approach that aims to minimize trauma to the patient, resulting in a lower amount of pain and discomfort.

At One Surgical, we specialize in traditional open surgery and minimally invasive surgical procedures, commonly referred to as laparoscopic surgery or laparoscopy. We work with each patient to determine the best procedure on a case-by-case basis. A small subset of our patients are not candidates for minimally invasive surgery; open surgery may be required for emergency procedures, complex anatomy or reconstructions. We strive to determine the safest, least invasive procedure with the best recovery possible.

During laparoscopy, smaller incisions are made in such a way that small instruments can be used by a surgeon to perform precise and accurate surgery. Through specialized training and experience, surgeons who perform minimally invasive procedures are able to offer alternatives to traditional, open surgery that patients may find particularly beneficial.

There are a number of advantages to you with laparoscopic surgery versus an open procedure. These include:

  • Smaller incisions, which reduces pain and shortens recovery time, as well as resulting in less postoperative scarring and improved cosmetic results.
  • Less pain, leading to less pain medication needed.
  • Hospital stay is less, and often with a same day discharge which leads to a faster return to everyday living and quicker return to work.
  • Reduced complications including decreased risk of acquiring infections.
  • Reduced hemorrhaging, which reduces the chance of needing a blood transfusion.

One Surgical offers a wide array of minimally invasive and laparoscopic surgical procedures including:

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