Colon Cancer Surgery

Surgery is one of the primary treatments for colon cancer, especially during its early stages. The experts at One Surgical Specialists in Hackensack, New Jersey, perform colon cancer surgery. They use many surgical approaches for colon cancer surgery, including advanced minimally invasive techniques that reduce recovery time. To schedule a colon cancer surgery consultation, call the office today or schedule an appointment online.

Colon Cancer Surgery Q & A

What is colon cancer?

Colon cancer begins in the large intestine. It usually starts out as a noncancerous polyp. When left untreated, these polyps turn cancerous and grow into tumors.

Colon cancer is common and treatable when found early. Surgery is one of the primary treatments for colon cancer.

Rectal cancer isn’t the same as colon cancer. Colorectal cancer describes both colon and rectal cancer. Rectal cancer is cancer that starts in the rectum.

Though colon and rectal cancer are similar, surgery for rectal cancer is more complex because of the size of the rectum and where it is.

What kinds of colon cancer surgery are there?

For colon cancer surgery, the skilled experts at One Surgical Specialists do a colectomy. A colectomy is the surgical removal of some or all of the colon.

Partial colectomy

During a partial colectomy, the surgeons remove the cancerous area of your colon, plus a small section above and below the tumor.

Total colectomy

A total colectomy is the complete removal of the colon. The surgeons rarely need to do a total colectomy for colon cancer surgery.

The kind of surgery you need for rectal cancer depends on how big your cancer is and where it is. Surgery could require partial or total removal of the rectum. If the rectal cancer is near the anus, the surgeons may remove both the anus and rectum.

How is colon cancer surgery done?

One Surgical Specialists uses traditional open procedures or robotic surgical techniques when doing colon cancer surgery.

Traditional open surgery

During traditional open surgery for colon cancer, your surgeon makes a single large incision through your abdomen to gain access to your colon or rectum and remove the cancerous tissue.

Robotic surgery

During robotic surgery for colon cancer, the surgeons use minimally invasive tools and techniques to access and remove the cancer from your colon.

With robotic surgery, the surgeons operate through 4-5 small incisions while watching an enlarged image of your internal organs on a computer screen.

You can expect a faster recovery, less pain after surgery, and less scarring following robotic surgery. However, the advanced minimally invasive technique isn’t the best approach for all patients.

The surgeons at One Surgical Specialists create individual plans for each patient and use the tools and techniques that provide the safest and most effective outcomes.

Call the office today or book an appointment online to schedule a colon cancer surgery consultation at One Surgical Specialists.