General Surgery

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If you need surgery of any kind, seek the innovative surgical procedures and medical expertise at One Surgical Specialists in Hackensack, New Jersey. Advanced technology provided in state-of-the-art facilities ensures that you get the best and most effective surgery necessary to treat your condition. Call today or book a consultation online to learn how you can take advantage of the general surgery services offered at One Surgical Specialists.

General Surgery Q & A

What is general surgery?

General surgery involves the performance of operations and procedures that affect your internal organs, including the abdomen and digestive tract. The general surgeons at One Surgical Specialists have the experience to diagnose your condition, do the appropriate surgery, help you with recovery, and manage your health after surgery.

What does general surgery entail?

General surgery takes in many procedures, some more involved than others. One Surgical Specialists’ skilled team carefully evaluates your case, your health, and your needed outcome to decide which surgical approach is right for you.

Open surgery

Open surgery is what many people envision when you mention general surgery. This technique involves making a relatively large incision using a scalpel and using full-sized instruments to conduct the surgery.

Minimally invasive surgery

Minimally invasive surgery minimizes trauma to the patient, which means a faster recovery, less pain, and more minor scars. Laparoscopy is a common kind of minimally invasive surgery. This procedure uses a slender tube with a tiny camera on its end and small instruments. Laparoscopy is now used in many cases that once required open surgery.

Robotic surgery

Robotic surgery is similar to laparoscopy but uses a 3D, high-definition vision system and specialized instruments that improve your surgeon’s precision. Your surgeon controls the procedure the entire time but has even more flexibility due to the advanced technology.

Some robotic surgeries can be done through a single small incision, reducing scarring even more and shortening your recovery time.

What kind of procedures are included in general surgery?

The providers at One Surgical Specialists are skilled at many complex, advanced surgical procedures. These include:

The One Surgical Specialists surgeons carefully analyze your symptoms and screenings to recommend the most appropriate surgery that will improve your health and quality of life.