Submitted 12/21/22
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I was referred to Dr. Mazpule by my GI doctor for a surgical consult to correct a badly damaged esophagus and hiatal hernia. At our fist visit, Dr. Mazpule reviewed my records, listened to my concerns, and discussed two types of surgery to correct my problem. We chose the less invasive option, but one that we thought was the best for my situation. The office was efficient during pre-op and during the day of surgery, Dr Mazpule corrected the problem so well, I was able to be discharged that evening and have not had to take even one dose of three antacid medications since the surgery. I'm very happy with Dr. Mazpule's overall approach, his skill, and the outcome of my surgery. Not only would i recommend him to others, I already have given his information to two family members who need his skill set. Thank you, Dr. M!
Jessie T.
Submitted 07/28/22
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When meeting Dr. Adam Rosenstock he had a quiet, caring demeanor and very confident. He explained that I had a tumor the size of a ping pong ball underneath my right underarm. He really listened to me as I asked many questions and he was so kind to answer them in a simple and direct manner, which I really appreciated. His confidence eased my worries. The day of the surgery everything was excellent! From the staff, nurses, OR staff, and Dr. Rosenstock were all on point!! He removed the tumor, and I am healing so good! Dr. Rosenstock did an amazing job. My family, my husband and I are so grateful. Even my follow up visit was outstanding in how he explained how I am recovering. I will forever be so thankful for meeting Dr. Rosenstock and his staff. Just an amazing person and surgeon he is. Sincerely, Jessie Takeall Surgery Date: 7/13/22
Mark M.
Submitted 05/18/22
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Dr. Mazpule recently performed a hernia repair for me. I was quite concerned as I had had a prior hernia about 20 years ago which left me bruised, in considerable pain and took quite a while to heal. Dr. Mazpule's technique resulted in minimal discomfort and a rapid recovery. From his great office staff (thank you, ladies) to the great team at the ambulatory center, my experience could not have been more pleasant...and Dr. Mazpule gives you all the time you need and is as nice a guy as he is a great surgeon. Needless to say, I recommend One Surgical if you should find yourself in need. Thankfully, Mark McNally